Toadette is a little 7 year old mushroom capped girl. Known for her Fun, she is partners with Toads, mostly Red Toad. When Toadette Toadstool was 8 months she learned to crawl. When she was 16 months she learned how to walk. When Toadette was 3, she went to Toad Town Nursery. She made friends with Toadana. When Toadette was 5, she went to Toadberry Elamentry school. She became friends with Toad. She is in 1st grade. Toadette loves to play games and she wants to pick games like Peekaboo, Hot Potato, or Mario Party. Toadette really loves her favorite food. Toadette's favorite food is Chocolate Cake because when she was 6, she really love chocolate. Her favorite color is green. She first appeared in Mario Karr carnival as a Unlockable character.

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